Position of the Hands on the Handlebar
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Sleeping Hands!! Many people sometimes suffer from sleeping hands. This can be solved fairly easily because what do we often notice? The tilt of the handlebars on the brake levers is at an incorrect angle. This can easily be solved by tilting the handlebars in the right direction. The pictures below make everything more clear.
With this position of the hand, numbness will appear in the thumb, forefinger and ring finger. The handlebars must be tilted down in this case.
With this position of the hand, numbness will appear in the middle, ring and little finger. The handlebars must be tilted upwards.
Numbness should normally no longer occur in the position in the picture on the left. But.......! Some people still have sleeping hands. Then it is quite possible that they have carpal tunnel syndrome. Sometimes only slightly. If it is a mild form, then we can adjust the handlebars so that the problems will be reduced to the minimum. How do people know that they suffer from carpel tunnel syndrome? The symptons can vary per person. For example, you may suffer from a deaf or tingling sensation in one or both hands, especially in the palm, the thumb, index, middle and ring fingers. This feeling will never occur in the little finger. You can also suffer from loss of strength in your hand and sensory impairment in the fingertips making it easy to drop something.