Height Difference Saddle - Handlebar
Bike-Improvement c.v. Gsm: 0492/ 31 00 71 Herentalsebaan 22 b 2520 Ranst ING: BE37 3630 9072 2928 Btw: BE0838.572.819 BIC code: BBRUBEBB
We check the flexibility of the cyclist. Age plays a major role in this. This way we can check if there is not too much tension in the back muscles. In the lumbale zone as well as between the shoulder blades we check the muscle tension. Shortly, the drop of the cyclist depends on: 1)Length of the upper body 2)Length of the arms 3)Flexibility 4)Age
Ultimately the person himself will determine the height of the handlebar. We only give our recommendation. We have experienced that the most comfortable position for most of the cyclists, is when the body has an angle of 40°.
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