Voor Race, Triatlon, Tijdrit en cyclocross.
We have worked out a unique bike fit system for you in which all specific characteristics of the athlete are considered. Based on all parameters such as person, bicycle, weight and target, we achieve the ideal bike position that fully meets the wishes of the athlete. This means fewer injuries , more power , better comfort and of course more fun . For both, the PRO Athlete and the Recreational Cyclist. No more obstruction due to pain in the knee, back, neck or sleeping hands. The analysis of the pedal stroke is included in our bike fit system. Specialized in optimizing the cleat position (40 min). Also adjusting city bikes, trekking bikes and e-bikes. The bike fits are always done with video analysis, this way we achieve an even finer adjustment.
Mbody EMG Device Mbody EMG Device LEOMO Motion Analysis LEOMO Motion Analysis
Gebiomized saddle pressure point measurement. -To correct leg length difference. -To show saddle pain. -To choose the right saddle. -To detect lower back pain due to incorrect saddle selection.
- Optimal positioning setback saddle. - Right balance measurement between quadriceps and hamstrings. - Injury prevention. - Optimal cadence determination. - Detecting possible injuries.
The Leomo type-R is a wearable motion analysis device which measures and records motion with amazing accuracy. Better than video analysis tools. -Record of dead spot in foot rotation -Measurement of upper/ lower leg and foot angle. -Record of pelvic angle, rotation and rock.
Bike-Improvement c.v. Gsm: 0492/ 31 00 71 Herentalsebaan 22 b 2520 Ranst ING: BE37 3630 9072 2928 Btw: BE0838.572.819 BIC code: BBRUBEBB
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- We have completed the course ‘Kinesiology’ to help our clients even better in solving physical problems. We have implemented the Kinesiology in the bike fitting and achieved very positive results.
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At the International Bike Fitting Institutewe are recognized as Professional Bike Fitter Level 4. (Highest Class)
Starting from January 1, 2019 it will be possible to make Aero Windtunnel tests. These are done at Flanders Bike Valley in Beringen. We can also make Aero tests with the Bioracer Aerosystem.
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