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Bikefitting and Kinesiology

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Kinesiology is the doctrine to test muscles separately to see if all the muscles in a certain muscle group work well. We can switch on and switch off each muscle separately. When a muscle scores poorly after testing, we investigate the reason why this is happening and try to make the muscle strong again. This can be neurological, neurolymphatic, neurovascular, dural or osteopathic. We do all these treatments except the osteopathic. If we believe there are major problems, we will forward the customer to an expert in that area. That can be a doctor, a physiotherapist, osteopath or chiropractor. Thanks to our many years of experience in Bike Fitting, we have implemented Kinesiology in our Bike Fit, which results in excellent solutions to all kinds of problems. Therefore this wise advice. If you have a problem, don’t get stuck with it, just visit our practise. Then we look for a suitable solution together. Since 2019 we can also see (if it proves necessary) what the problems are in certain muscles, muscle groups, pelvis or shoulders. These problems are often caused by a deficiency of certain food supplements, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and the like. We mainly look at the balance of the muscles in function of the various organs. All muscles are linked to organs, and/or adrenal glands, lymph glands, pancreas, Thymus, Hypophysis and the like. For this method we have enjoyed an interesting and useful education by Joseph Shafer.
When and how do we use Kinesiology? - When we notice a leg length difference, we do muscle testing of both arms while the customer is standing straight up. This way we can measure the leg lenght difference. - For the finetuning of the cleats we also use Kinesiology. When doing a muscle test we can see if the adjustment is done correctly. - Before using the EMG device “Mbody” we do preliminary muscles tests to check if all muscles in the legs are well directed. When this is not the case, the results of the EMG device can deviate from the real situation. - Before the fitness test (Lactate or Conconi test) we also do a muscle test to check if the muscular system of the athlete is working fine. When the test is bad, we can postpone the fitness test.