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M-Body Emg Device.
The Mbody Emg device is a pair of trousers with sensors embedded in it. These sensors are connected to a transmitter which stores the data or sends it directly to the computer, Ipad, Ipod or smartphone so that the data can be directly or at a later stage analyzed. How does it work? With these pants analyzes can be made for all sports for which the thighs are used. The quadriceps and the hamstrings are monitored, so you can measure how the relevant muscles are loaded. In the bike fitting it can be used mainly to determine the ideal setback of the saddle. We measure that the ratio of quadriceps / hamstrings is 50 to 51% / 50 to 49%. So, a little bit more strength on the thighs and a little less on the hamstrings. With this device we can also detect if there is a muscle problem somewhere. If that is the case, you first have to solve that problem before we can continue working to get an ideal setback.
Analysis with smartphone - relationship Quads-Hamstrings
Analysis with smartphone of both left-right relationship and balance Quads- Hamstrings.
What can the Myontec Mbody be used for? - Injury prevention - The time needed to do a good warm-up. - We can detect the degree of fatigue and thus prevent injuries. - Detecting recovery time. - Guidance of the right technique to optimally practise the sport in question. - Muscle balance Note that this is only possible with the software that is controlled via the computer
UK Premier League football player on a treadmill: Strong disbalance between the left and right leg. Reason: Overloaded right hamstring and right gluteus maximus. Weak relaxed gluteus maximus.
Example of Computer Software
With our bike fitting you can use this device to determine the setback of your saddle. Price = 30 € There is the possibility to fine-tune with this computer software and to detect a correct localization of a muscle problem. Duration of this test from 1 to 1 1/2 h. Price = 100 €