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Saddle Pressure Point



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When do we use the saddle pressure point measurement device? 1) Initially to locate the pressure point problems in the perineum and/or sit bones. 2) Detect back problems due to a wrong saddle (unstable pelvis). It often happens that a client has back problems because of an unstable pelvis. As a result the customer moves up and down on the saddle. Usually this can be solved by sitting on a more stable saddle. See “test saddles”. 3) We also use this device to correct and detect leg length difference. When this is not corrected, knee pain, lower backpain and even pain between the shoulder blades could arise. .
Above you see a saddle pressure point measurement where we notice that the pressure on the right is much greater than on the left. We also see that the red line in the middle has shifted more to the right and is quite long. (Stability on the saddle) The shorter the better and it should preferably be horizontal. The ideal is actually a small red dot in the middle of the vertical light blue stripe (Utopia but we aim) This is a measurement before a bike fitting has taken place.
This is a measurement after a bike fitting. The pressure is already much less on the sit bones and also more distributed. We see a larger contact area. Stability has also been improved (red line)
This is a measurement after correction of upper leg difference. In particular, there is less pressure on the sit bones and the pelvis tilts a little to the lower right. We try to get the red line horizontal. The pelvis will still turn a little but will not tilt anymore because that will cause lower back pain. Pain in sacral vertebrae region and L5-L4 (last two lumbar vertebrae.
Before the above measurement, a correction has been made for a leg length difference in the lower legs. We see that the pressure as a whole is even better distributed and especially the pelvic stability is very good. The red line is nicely horizontal in the middle and fairly short. It does not often happen that we can achieve this fine correction, but we strive for it. Especially customers with a fairly large asymmetric pelvis are quite difficult to correct. but we still manage to prevent back problems with these people.
Gebiomized Saddle Pressure Point Device.