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A bike fit is valid throughout the year, whatever the problem is. Young people under 18 pay less, because of their growth process they will have to be re- measured more often.
Bike Fitting basic * 90 € Bike Fitting City Bike, E-Bike,… (without cleat correction)  70 € Bike Fitting with cleat correction for adults (18+)  215 € Bike Fitting with cleat correction for minors (-18)  160 € Bike Fitting Time Trail Bike 280 € Refit Next Year for Adults  110 € Refit Next Year for Minors   90 € Determination Setback Position with Mbody Emg Device 30 € Complete Analysis with Mbody Emg Device 100 € Saddle Pressure Point Measurement 70 € Adjustment Second Bike  60 € Replacement Handlebar/Saddle  35 € Cleat and Foot Correction (1 hour!)  70 € Replace the Cleats 25 € Cleatwedge 3 € Heelwedge 9,5€  Conconi Fitness Tests on the Bike 45 € Fitness Test on the Bike (Lactate Measurement with Bsx Insight )   65 €
What is included in a bike fit?
Bike fit basic: Measuring the customer Calculation of the correct frame size Advice for the purchase of a new bike You get all sizes needed to adjust the bike very rudimentary. This is a very rough approximation of the body measurements (except for the setback saddle) No adjustment is made! Bike fit (Adults/Minors/Time Trial): Measuring the customer Calculation of the correct frame size Advice for the purchase of a new bike Adjust the cleats with heel and cleat wedges Measuring the customer Check the muscles and pelvis and correct them when necessary. This is to detect a leg length difference and that we have to correct as little as possible. (Kinesiology) Measuring the bike of the customer before we adjust the position Video Analysis Finetuning under power. This is really the best adjustment. This way we avoid that we overlook things because driving a bike on full power is different than driving a bike on a low pace. This is never done in most of the bike fit labs. For us, this is the most important item, together with the cleat adjustments. Lastly, we use the saddle pressure point measurement tool to see if there is still a correction needed if the customer has a leg length difference. The customer can also see if a better saddle might give a better comfort. Opmerking: Bij ons hebben we maar één tarief voor een fietsmeting. Naar mijn mening is een bikefitting niet deelbaar. We horen soms van onze klanten dat er bike fitters zijn die met meerdere verschillende categorieën werken. Volgens ons is dan de bikefitting nooit volledig en kan de klant niet optimaal op zijn fiets zitten.
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Aero Windtunnel Flanders Bike Valley (Rental installation for 1h ) 685€