Saddle Height
The height of the saddle is determined by the inseam, cranklength, cleat, pedal and the insole. In our measurement tool the tickness of the insoles is always considered. The ankling and the foot size take a big role in the determination of the saddle height. See picture below. This is a very important topic to determine the correct saddle height. While ankling (this is the position of the foot on the pedal) the tip will, depending on the person, go up or down. We have had a test person who had after the standard measurement and the measurement in favor of the ankling, a height difference of 18mm. We determine the height by letting the athlete bike under high power. Of course this also depends on the training level of the person.
What do we measure exactly? -The distance from the ball of the foot to the central pivot of the pedal. It varies from 2.2 cm to 3.5 cm. -The length of the bracket. This varies from 165mm to 180mm. -Inseam of the person.
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From now on we can determine the saddle height by analysing the cyclist riding under submaximal power. This way we can measure the knee angle with videoanalysis. We have discovered a method ourselve and apply this AK technique in our bike fitting system as the only bike fitter in the world. This way we can adjust the ideal saddle height to our customers.