Video Analysis

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With video analysis you can perfectly determine your position during full effort. Other than with a static analysis, with a dynamic analysis you can fully see how your position translates during full exertion. Firstly, we analyze your posture on the bike at a pedaling frequency varying between 85 and 95 rev / min. The power is kept quite low at this stage. Afterwards the same test is done but the power is increased to almost what the athlete can handle. The we analyse and examine what is the best position for the athlete.
De Verfijnde afstelling!
Above you see an analysis of a rider where we notice that he is almost optimal in saddle height. Only length saddle-handlebars can be better. (Slightly too short)
Above you see that the rider is very aerodynamic in a normal cycling posture. The lower you can sit the better the aerodynamics. It depends on the person how low you can sit comfortably. This also depends on the good pelvis tilt and, of course, the age of the cyclist.